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All fic will be posted/linked to [personal profile] mermaidtales from this point forward. Thanks!

Pike/One and Pike or Number One

Apocrypha Number One, some Pike/One PG

5 times Someone went to Pike for advice and 1 time they advised him Short, terribly unbetaed Pike Gen.

First Date? Pike/One PG, allusions to sex for [ profile] st_respect Ship Wars challenge 'First Date'

Need kinkmeme fill Pike/One NC-17 Warning: Daddykink Porn

3 Hangover drabbles Pike/One for shipwars G-PG13 varying lengths all dialogue heavy

Absolution a.k.a the one no one comments on because I'm scary. or something.
TOS:MU Number One, Kirk, past Pike/One R/NC-17 (for violence and torture. No sexytimes here) Character death Read the warnings

Waiting and Greetings, 2 Drabbles From Shipwars 'Never Leave Me' mini challenge Both AOS, PG, Pike/Number One

Reasons Pg-13(ishhh) Pike/Number One AOS Post Narada. They fight and then they kiss. Slightly esoteric.

That which we hide nc-17 PIke/Number One AOS Mirror Universe Pooooorn. Surprisingly issue free for MU. More than a little inspired by the ST_D MU AU but stands alone.

Prices You Paid PG-13 Pike, SpockPrime, past Pike/One Warning: ANGSTBUCKET. Past character death.

Best Laid Plans Drabble, 400 words PG. Pike/One. Number One has been living in denial

And We All Fall Down PG-13 TOS Post-Menagrie fic. Angsty.

Must Be Tuesday G Kitten!Chekov Confused!Sulu drabbly fluff.

2 Pike&Archer drabbles one PG and cracky, one Pg13 and not.

Other Het:

Untitled McCoy/Chapel NC-17, Pure porn, I'm the second anonymous fill. Warning: Sex Pollen

Maybe it's Better Drabble with art! pg/pg13 Kirk/Rand -the morning after, now with paperwork.

[ profile] startrek_diary Fic

Missed Chances a.k.a. Five Times Chris Pike was an Idiot and the One Time He got it Right Pike, Pike/One ST_D verse PG-13 barely

Sleepover STD Kinkmeme fill, Pike and Tony as 14 year old girl bffs. There is hairpulling and kissing and Pike has a crush on some boy named One...imagine that. pg ishh Follow up with asking out Here and boy!One & boy!Colt and penis jokes Here

For [ profile] schmoop_bingo

Childish Amusements PG 530 words "Amusement Park"


From the desk of Yeoman Rand Art inspired by This game

2 HSAU bits deaged Pike and Lucy sleeping & Tony and Caroline being domestic

Deaged Pike and the pillow link is my comment.

3 Pike and Number One drawings/doodles 2 Gen. 1 shippy. One of Young!Them and one of beaten and bruised after some harrowing adventure and them cuddling that was for shipwars

Catch all Manip Post Inside you will find Rev war Pike& One formal!One, Dress uniform Pike&One, and mirrorverse!Pike Yeahhh all G-PG obvs

Number One Gen, colored doodle of young-ish Lt. Number One.


my youtube account:

Individual videos: (oldest first)

Pike TributeThe '59 Sound by The Gaslight Anthem

Pike Tribute re-edit Song: The '59 Sound by The Gaslight Anthem (Which is honestly a tighter vid and I prefer it to the original)

Hero of This Story Kirk, Spock, Pike, Gen. Song: Hero by Regina Spektor

Kirk/McCoy Pleased to Meet You Song: Song 2 by Blur

Pike/Number One- Manifest Song: (manifest) by The Weakerthans

Mr. Brightside Kirk/Spock/Uhura Song: Mr. Brightside by the killers. Done for This request by [ profile] anon_j_anon

One Week Song: One Week by Barenaked Ladies Pike/One pg for shipwars challenge 4, unused entry.

All Our Bows Are Broken Song: The Archer's Bows are Broken by Brand New Pike, Kirks, arguably slashy?

Tales of Brave Ulysses Song by Cream, Pike/Number One AOS/XI (i.e the more awesome version also: shirtless Pike)

Tales of Brave Ulysses Song by Cream, Pike/Number One TOS (second version)

Losing Touch Song by The Killers Pike/Number One TOS&AOS

I Need a Hero song by Frou Frou, Ensemble

Bad Romance song by Lady Gaga, Kirk/Rand


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