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And home for another couple days and the realization struck me last night that after talking [ profile] boosette there are giant amounts of Barbie things in my basement and I should raid them. Since Wooooooo they are free!

Dolls! Cut for the safety of you normal people )


May. 10th, 2010 12:16 pm
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Pixy just found a kirk doll for $10 shipped so now Number One has a uniform on the way (poor naked kirk, idk what I will do with you after I steal your clothes)

Now all she needs are boots. Those will come later. When I have a steady source of income.

This also will be purchased when I have steady income. *lusts*

T-minus 4 days until Graduation....
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There is a sleeping kitteh on my lap. Yes you needed to know that. Dr. Horrible 1st performance was last night I flubbed my duet a bit but rocked everything else. I am bitter about the duet though, I'm usually good with that one. 2nd performance tonight where I have much less to do.

Startrek doll dorkery )
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Guys: I made a fan vid.

Yep. A Star Trek vid even.

A Pike vid.


Edit for info since this has gotten pimped around a bit:
Title: The '59 Sound
Fandom: Star Trek (duh)
Rating: PG
Clips from The Cage and Star Trek XI, Song by The Gaslight Anthem
Characters/pairings: Gen, Pike focused with an occasional wink at Pike/Number One

I don';t think it completely sucks so it's under here if you want to look... )

God I'm a dork. I blame [ profile] startrek_diary


Sep. 27th, 2009 11:21 pm
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Hidden talent I didn't know I had #48: Making up limericks.

I've been rping in limerick form for the past few hours. It's going much better than I thought.


Jul. 24th, 2009 08:50 pm
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Best parody of the scene I've come across. omgomgomg
I was dying of laughter, which is proof I am a complete dork when it comes to type.

in other news Cabin in the Woods released teaser posters today:

I'm in love. I don't want to wait 7 months to see it, I want it now.

Today I skanked around twitter following Comic Con madness. Adam of Mythbusters challenged followers to find him in costume, madness ensued, hints were given, very bad guesses were guessed... but no one saw him (or saw and realized it was him at least) until later in the day when he'd changed out of the costume. He promises to tell tomorrow.

Also Wil Wheaton is going to be in The Guild season 3 as a villain and the Guild cast dressed up as their game characters for their panel. They are amazing on all counts.

I suppose you might want to know something real-world-y but my life is boring. Tomorrow I'm going to the botanical gardens outside of chicago and I bought Good Omens(at long last) and Deadeye Dick(a Vonnegut) tonight. I intend to finish at least one tomorrow, if not both.


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