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Give me one reason I'm going to hell.

Then post this request in your LJ, and I will tell you why YOU are doomed to eternal damnation.

And then also RL:

The productivity fairy visited my yesterday, ACCOMPLISHED:
-made appt. with dermatologist!
-talked to author
-talked to mother, planned when to see her this week
-finished thumbnails & made a sketch I am happy with for Book Cover
-helped roommate move large musical instruments
-wrote ~2,000 words including finishing the draft and first edit of a fic that has been wasting away since June.
-plotted to get lessons in Final Cut from a friend who's visiting the cities for a couple weeks starting wednesday. Will make a reel and attempt to get editing jobs. My resume is so weird guys.
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-The drag show at Gay 90's was AMAZING. Every single one looked fantastic and knew how to put on a show.
-alkddlkfjalk tired. Got in at 3, made food, ate food, collapsed 4ish. Woke up at 9 because apparently my body hates me.
-we've all decided we need more proper nights out, we're going to aim for once a month for fun as well as a once a month art meet to keep us all motivated.
- night highlights include: helping a bride-to-be hold her dress out of the toilet, losing at pool, realizing one of the birthday/party/bachelorette(I couldn't hear which) groups was for an actress I directed in a film two years ago. "are these cat ears?" "It's a bow" "Oh, I see!" /drunk boy was druuuunk. And yes I had a bow headband on.
-My nails are currently barbie-bubblegum pink. I find this entertaining so you need to know too.

in random news:
Please meet Smoosh teh adorable plush penguin )
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Eeee! Eeee! I might have my first paying freelance Eeeeeeeeeee!
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1. Books! Books which are good for my mental health.
2. Lead on a possible art department position on a currently shooting feature. Likely not paid but would be v.v. good networking and for resume.
3. Sent off cover illustration, Author loves it! Score. Now hopefully she works out her side and the publisher likes it...*so much finger crossing you wouldn't believe*
4. There's a publishing company in San Francisco hiring newbies. Preparing an app!
5. Writer/artist block seems beaten for the most part. Woooo.
6. Advisor who is lovely and amazing said 'yes! of course I'll be a reference for you!' and also gave some tips and encouragement about the job hunt. yays.
7. Have a temp website, working on a proper one. Ughhhh.

This week has been very mood-swingy to the extreme. But I am feeling better about things and am buckling down a bit. The last day and a half in particular have been awesomesauce.
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Anyone have advice/recommendations on webhosting and setting up websites? I'm long a bit overdue to have a pro site up for my art and have very middle of the road webskills, I'll likely just be doing it through iweb or indexhibit for quickness ngl /for shame.

Have been seduced and persuaded, brb buying my domain.

La la la

Jul. 2nd, 2010 10:26 am
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Obama visited my hometown this week. And I present you the cutest article ever which in which He goes to our local bakery and tries Kringle

Obama ilu and also I miss Kringle oh so bad. Almond Kringle is like heaven.

And What Kringle! is for the uninformed

annnnd first Ebay package arrived yesterday! )

Continued apartment arranging/cleaning, have been put on call-in status for jury duty ( \o/ ) and bought insurance on wednesday. Exciting exciting.

Now to find employment.


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