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theoreticalpixy ([personal profile] theoreticalpixy) wrote2010-07-02 10:26 am
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La la la

Obama visited my hometown this week. And I present you the cutest article ever which in which He goes to our local bakery and tries Kringle

Obama ilu and also I miss Kringle oh so bad. Almond Kringle is like heaven.

And What Kringle! is for the uninformed

9" Hunter!Pike

Upon arrival the roommate rejoiced and declared he needed to be on display (We have a slight obsession with Jeffery Hunter in our house). He's protecting our apartment from his spot on the tv for the moment.

Doll bodies should be arriving today! I am excite.

Continued apartment arranging/cleaning, have been put on call-in status for jury duty ( \o/ ) and bought insurance on wednesday. Exciting exciting.

Now to find employment.

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