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So Number One got her bendy body! Number One is pleased with this. Now she and Pike can do many things...

Dollies! Lots of large pictures, a few mildly naughty poses )

La la la

Jul. 2nd, 2010 10:26 am
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Obama visited my hometown this week. And I present you the cutest article ever which in which He goes to our local bakery and tries Kringle

Obama ilu and also I miss Kringle oh so bad. Almond Kringle is like heaven.

And What Kringle! is for the uninformed

annnnd first Ebay package arrived yesterday! )

Continued apartment arranging/cleaning, have been put on call-in status for jury duty ( \o/ ) and bought insurance on wednesday. Exciting exciting.

Now to find employment.
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And home for another couple days and the realization struck me last night that after talking [ profile] boosette there are giant amounts of Barbie things in my basement and I should raid them. Since Wooooooo they are free!

Dolls! Cut for the safety of you normal people )
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As of Tuesday everything is in the apartment, my room is partly organized, I sent off my illustrations half an hour ago, and I have learned the best way to bike to the Caribou/Brueggers that is a mile away and has wireless(not amazing wireless mind you but wireless nonetheless.)

Internet is getting installed Monday, we're trying to get things in order this weekend. Our living room is a GIANT PILE OF BOXES.


Dolly sewing things. Mostly for Boosette! Large Pictures. )


May. 10th, 2010 12:16 pm
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Pixy just found a kirk doll for $10 shipped so now Number One has a uniform on the way (poor naked kirk, idk what I will do with you after I steal your clothes)

Now all she needs are boots. Those will come later. When I have a steady source of income.

This also will be purchased when I have steady income. *lusts*

T-minus 4 days until Graduation....
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There is a sleeping kitteh on my lap. Yes you needed to know that. Dr. Horrible 1st performance was last night I flubbed my duet a bit but rocked everything else. I am bitter about the duet though, I'm usually good with that one. 2nd performance tonight where I have much less to do.

Startrek doll dorkery )


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